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Male - 17 years.

Injured on 02.10.2007 when a heavy object fell on his right shoulder as he was walking on the street.
His right upper limb was completely paralysed.
He was operated upon on 06.01.2008. All five roots of the right brachial plexus were found avulsed from the spinal cord.

Nerve transfers were done: spinal accessory to suprascapular, intercostals to the musculocutaneous and pectoral nerves, left C7 (posterior half) with interposition of 20 cm long cables of sural nerve grafts to the medial root of right median nerve.

Video at 56 months (September 2012) shows good return of shoulder abduction and of elbow flexion. The finger flexion depends on flexion of the fingers of the left hand (left C7 transfer).
Case 4.1 Video Case 4.2 Video
Obstetrical Palsy
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