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Dr. Anil Bhatia Dr. Anil Bhatia is one of the few Brachial Plexus Surgeons in India who has operated on more than 1000 different cases from all parts of India with very good results. Dr. Bhatia is the President of Brachial Plexus Surgery Group of India . He is the only representative from India in the International NARAKAS Club of Brachial Plexus Surgeons.
I would like to utilize the knowledge and experience gained (abroad and in India) in the management of brachial plexus injuries for restoration of function in these young patients with paralysed upper limbs. My aim is to spread information about this condition and about the modalities of reconstruction that are currently available and that I practice regularly. Although normalcy cannot be restored in cases with total paralyses, some active motion can certainly be regained by timely surgery.
Dr. Anil Bhatia did his basic medical qualification from LTM Medical College, Sion, Mumbai (MBBS from Bombay University in October 1985). He completed his post-graduate qualification in Orthopaedics from LTM General Hospital, Sion, Mumbai (MS from Bombay University in January 1990). Residency training included 9 months in plastic surgery under Dr. R. L. Thatte at LTM General Hospital, Sion.

Training in Hand Surgery
Training Under
January to May 1992 Professor Vespasiani Milano (Italy)
June 1992 and February to July 1993 Dr. Raimondi and Dr. Petrolati, Visiting Fellow in the Plastic and Hand Surgery Unit Legnano (Italy)
July 1992 to February 1993 Professor Caroli, visiting Fellow in the Hand Surgery Unit

Modena (Italy)

July to December 1993 Mr. Jimmy Colville (Beaumont Hospital), Registrar in Orthopedics at the Beaumont Hospital Dublin, (Ireland)
January to December 1994 Professor Christophe Oberlin(Hospital Bichat), Foreign resident in the department of Orthopedics, Hand and Reconstructive Surgery France

The hospitals in Legnano and Paris are tertiary referral centers for brachial plexus injuries and obstetrical palsies (Legnano) where 2-3 cases of brachial plexus injuries are operated upon every week.

Dr.Bhatia participated in evaluation before surgery, surgery and evaluation at varying periods after the operation. This provided a detailed insight to clinical patterns of brachial plexus injuries, indications for surgery, surgical techniques, delay in appearance of results and quality of function restored in different situations. In addition, they also noted the need for secondary operations to improve the utility of the restored function.

Courses attended at various prestigious Institutes in Hand Surgery
Apr 1992 Course On Advanced Hand Surgery Brescia (Italy)
Jul 1992 Workshop On Microsurgical Techniques In Rats Brescia (Italy)
Nov & Dec 1992 Courses On Dissection Of Pedicle Flaps In The Upper And Lower Extremities In Cadavers

Paris (France)

Jan 1993 Hand Surgery Update Modena (Italy)
Jun 1992 Courses In Peripheral Nerve And Brachial Plexus Surgery Legnano (Italy)
Jun 1993 Courses In Peripheral Nerve And Brachial Plexus Surgery Legnano (Italy)
Jan 1994 Hand Surgery Update At Hospital Bichat Paris (France)
Jun 1994 Courses In Dissection Of Pedicle Flaps In The Upper And Lower Extremities In Cadavers Paris (France)
May 1994 Course On Management Of Shoulder Problems Montpellier (France)

  Professional Experience    
  At Lokmanya Tilak Municipal General Hospital, Sion, Mumbai
P.G. Student& House- Officer Orthopedics Dr. S. S. Vengsarkarand and
Dr. N.S. Laud
Feb 1987 To
Jan .1988
House-Officer Plastic Surgery Dr. R. L. Thatte. Feb 1988 To
Jul 1988
Registrar Orthopedics Dr. V. T. Ingalhallikar Aug 1988 To
Jul 1990
Registrar (Locum) Plastic Surgery Dr. R. L. Thatte. Jul 1990 To
Oct 1990
   Lecturer (Orthopedics)
Hospital Under Period
K. B. Bhabha Municipal General Hospital, Bandra, Mumbai Dr. C. J. Thakkar Jan 1991 To Mar 1991
Dr. R.N.COOPER Municipal General Hospital, Juhu, Mumbai Dr. R. N. Katre and
Dr. A. R. Karkhanis
Mar 1991 To Oct 1991
L.T.M.G.Hospital, Sion, Mumbai Dr. V. T. Ingalhallikar Oct 1991 To Dec 1991
Registrar (Locum) Plastic Surgery Dr. R. L. Thatte.
    Landmark Cases
  • April 1995: First case of brachial plexus injury ( C5T1 avulsions) operated.
  • August 1995: First case of C567 palsy operated with successful restoration of biceps at eight months from the operation (nerve grafting from available C5 stump).
  • September 1999: Triple nerve transfers for a case of C567 avulsions with restoration of almost full function.
  • July 2000: Triple nerve transfers for C5T1 avulsions with restoration of hand function from contralateral C7 transfer.


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